TW Playwrights Playwrighting Workshop

Wednesdays at 7:00 PM

Following introductions, coffee, and a 6-line warm-up, we'll read a maximum of 10 pages of your current project. You can either opt for response to your work from the group, or to take what you heard the actors read home with you. I personally recommend the former.

Get ready to live to rewrite.

If you've been working in a vacuum, as many of us do, hearing your words escape the mouths of strangers can be a huge wake-up call...or it can be a lovely affirmation that you're on the right track. Being able to listen - objectively - to the response of your peers is a tremendous skill to acquire, and one that will serve you well in all of your life's endeavors.

Each week, one of you will be tapped to provide the "6 line" prompt for the following week. The object is to write 6 lines of dialogue on a random subject, word, or phrase. I've seen MANY 6 line exercises grow into one-acts. Indeed, a few of my own have wound up at the Samuel French Off B'Way Festival. For our inaugural meeting, the 6-line prompt is: HEAT. So just write 6 lines of dialogue that at some point uses HEAT as a word or a concept. (Hint: you're not really limited to 6 lines...if something grabs you - go for it - just keep it as short and sweet as possible.)

Bring copies of everything you'd like read for everyone - especially the actors. There's a Staples on Route 7 in New Milford, south of the village, just in case.

Please check the TheatreWorks, New Milford website - - for information regarding the location of the theatre. Parking is tricky the first time only.

So, bring us your plays, and your ideas for plays! We'll make sure you understand the correct format (there is one) and see to it that your work is read by accomplished actors. We'll help you with festivals, competitions, and lists of theatres around the country who just might be looking for something exactly like what you've written.

Come join us! Together we can build an exciting new collective of dramatic storytellers!